Tough Pie Crust

You might wonder, "Why on earth would I want to make a tough pie crust?" There are good reasons:

Lovely, tender, flaky pie crusts have these qualities because of a lavish fat content.
With some care, this 'tough' crust can be quite acceptable.


1. Put the dry ingredients into a food processor (but it can be mixed by hand). Process to reduce the oatmeal (but you can leave it whole if you want)

2. While the processor is running, add ¾ cup of water all at once.

3. It only takes a few moments; the texture should be smallish, soft lumps. If there is still loose, dry material, dump in 2 Tbl of water and process briefly.

4. Dump the contents into a lightly oiled pie dish, spread it around a little. Alternatively, it can be dumped out on a rolling pad and rolled into the correct size and shape. Then working quickly, begin pressing it down until it covers the bottom and sides in a thin layer. It can be baked before filling or filled while still in the raw state and then baked.

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Bill Scott