Book review:

A Guide to Wild Fruits of Borneo

Anthony Lamb (2019), Natural History Publications, Borneo

This is a gorgeous 296 page book detailing 109 of the better known species with colour photos and detailed text to go with each photo. It features many of the Artocarpus and Durio species (Jackfruit and Durian) which we've never seen before. Just google A. limpato and all of us will want to visit Borneo! There are an estimated 500 different species of wild fruits, nuts and seeds that would have formed a part of the Indigenous people's diet over time. It also features line drawings of the various tree bases, fruiting bodies, the various types of leaf, the various leaf shapes, inflorescences and 4 pages of references and further reading. Highly recommended.

It comes in a soft cover edition for $28.00 or $50.00 for the hard cover edition. Available from Florilegium the Garden Bookshop. Postage is $10.00 within Australia, irrespective of the number of books you order from them.

Sheryl Backhouse

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