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This is a page for miscellaneous, but interesting, fruit-related links.

Growing mangos, bananas and pawpaw trees aquaponicallyGrowing mangos, bananas and pawpaw trees aquaponically. You need to sign in to see the videos
Heating with compostHeating with compost.
ChinampasAncient aquaponics, also called 'chinampas'.
Rootstocks: Diversity, Domestication, and Impacts on Shoot PhenotypesAn excellent article all about roots.
Soil Food WebA comprehensive website on organic growing by Elaine Ingram, a well-known soil scientist.
The Soil Food WebA Student’s Perspective. A report on a course taught by Dr. Elaine Ingram.
Worms Making Compost videoA 2-minute time-lapse video of worms at work - magic beneath the ground.
Dawson's FarmA list of figs, jujubes and pomegranate plants that can be purchased.
VegetativePropagationTechniquesDownload an excellent illustrated pdf of vegetative propagation techniques
Refertil Project newslettersThe Refertil Project explores ways of improving compost systems and biochar.
Plowing On RegardlessEssay by George Monbiot about the dire effects of industrial agriculture.
Managing WholesIncreasing soil carbon to store water. Links to other soil improvement sites.
The Soil Hugger's JourneyA blog containing much useful info about soil, plants and insects.
Species for a Dryland Food ForestValuable information about tree characteristics (pdf), especially nitrogen fixers.
Nuts May Lengthen Your LifeA MedlinePlus article about the health benefits of nuts.