Midyim berry (Austromyrtus dulcis)

Members might like to know that these are easy to grow and don’t take much room. I have a fairly small garden and planted one about a year ago. It's going great and I've even had fruit – tiny, but full of flavour. Hopefully next crop will be even better.

Photo of Midyim Fruits.

My main concern is that people don't do their homework before planting their fruit trees. It's very important to first decide where you’re going to plant the fruit tree, and then to get the planting hole ready. When you buy your small plant in a pot, you have to know how big it's going to want to become. It's important to provide sufficient room for it to grow properly. Finally, remember to prepare the ground where the tree is to be planted as early and appropriately as possible. These two simple steps will provide a very important start for your tree.


Link to an article about Midyim in the West Australian, 12 April 2013 here.