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Qfly detected in Fremantle

Queensland Fruit Fly

Inspect your fruit for signs of this very nasty pest. It attacks all fruits, including tomatoes. Pick and destroy any infected fruits: boiling can do the trick. Never just throw the infected fruits on the ground or bury them or put them into your compost. See this official report: WAtoday-February 7 2018

Barry's Curtin Radio interview

There have been requests for a link to the interview Barry did for Curtin Radio a few weeks ago, for people who missed it or want to hear it again, so, here it is: Barry's Curtin Radio Interview

February meeting

  • Date: Saturday, February 24th.
  • Time: 9:30 am
  • Place: Winthrop, Post Code 6150

Lisa and Dean are hoping to improve their garden and seek advice.

AND elections will be held for all positions in the club. Suggestions for new positions to be added are solicited.

Please bring your own cup or mug and something to share with the gang for morning tea, preferably from your own garden, otherwise anything else would be much appreciated. Also consider bringing along any spare plants that might be of interest to the club...always fun to hold an auction. Bring a chair if you wish. (Please wear a name tag.)

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